Istanbul Trip 2023

The Richest City In The World

Aksaray District
Aksaray District
© Mohammed Saed

Home Away From Home

Turkey is a soup of cultures that have moved through and settled in since ancient times. There are no ethnic minorities nor a predominant majority, people here are of all colors, races, and religions. Mosques next to Churches and Kebabs served next to noodles. I never felt estranged in Istanbul; on the contrary, I always felt relevant and right at home. Being a middle eastern Muslim myself, I’m always one step away from all the familiar tastes and dialects. Mosques are everywhere, and each with its own unique history, architecture and backstory.


Istanbul from Satellite

As you walk down the streets of Istanbul, you can feel the overwhelming depth of history. Watching as building stones change shape, texture and color, you will realize a lot have happened here. Some of these stones and buildings have been there for hundreds or even thousands of years. Constantinople - modern day Istanbul - is an ancient city. Its location is very strategic as it’s located at the frontsteps of Europe. It’s also a gateway connecting two continents, two seas and making possible air, land and sea trades across Africa, Asia and Europe. No wonder why Romans wanted to claim it and crown it as the new Rome!


Adana Kebab
© Mohammed Saed
Irani Kebab
© Mohammed Saed

When it comes to food, the streets of Istanbul are flooded with different local and international cuisines. The varieties can be overwhelming at first, but I have not regret any of the choices I’ve made. Starting with the local foods, Kebab is king in Turkey. The meat is mixed with spices then barbecued either sliced or minced and wrapped over skewers. You never go wrong when you ask for Kebabs in Istanbul.